Lost my daughter

My daughter took her own life in January, she suffered from anxiety and MH from an early age, she got through uni and travelled a lot, but when she returned from her travels she needed Stability a purpose in life, that was taken away due to Lockdown, I’m a very strong person and in front of most people I am strong but I cannot bear to think of my future J was my only child the thought of going through life without her is impossible for me to think about.


Dear Jayne,
I am so deeply sorry for the loss of your precious daughter, my heart is breaking for you :broken_heart: I hope you have some family members or close friends to talk to, as it is good to talk about all your precious memories you have of your beloved daughter, I lost my son 2years ago and we have just had his 2 year anniversary it doesn’t get any easier but you learn to live along side your grief, we also get signs which help so much because our dear children will never leave us and will be in our hearts for ever, sending you much love and please keep posting as there are lots of lovely people on this site that want to help you, take care :heart::pray:
Love Michelle xxxx

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Thankyou Michelle, I am so sorry you lost your son, my brother lost his zone 8 years ago and like you he tells me you learn to live with your grief, but my brother still has a son he still has the future of grandchildren and spending time with him and his future, I do have some amazing friends and My stepchildren have formed a huge network of support around me, Thankyou for your message Xx

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Dear Jane
I lost my 25 year old daughter in January. She also had mental health problems. Facing the future seems impossible. There is an inquest to face now. Grief is a lonely place. Im very sorry for your loss I feel your pain. Bless you. Lindsey xx

Hello Lindsay, I am so sorry for your loss, we know how each other are feeling, we have had 1 inquest concluded and one still ongoing, there has also been a serious enquiry into my daughters help from MH services, it makes very uncomfortable reading for MH services, I need to do something to keep me going so I have promised my daughter I will change the way MH is delt with in this country, and I am determined to do this, if you would like to make contact with me I am happy for you to pm me on fb, not sure if this is allowed but it may be helpful to both of us.

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Hello Jane. I am currently awaiting a report from MH. I think its very honourable what you are doing . I don’t have fb so not sure if there is another way to pm you? Lindsey

Can you do WhatsApp? If you have a mobile number you can have a WhatsApp account.
My phone number is
If you mange to download WhatsApp you can contact me on WhatsApp via my number.

If you prefer not too thats fine, only if you want to.

Hi sent you a WhatsApp x

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Dear Jane, I am so sorry you are having to go through this. I too lost my daughter 3 years ago. She also took her own life and it is a very hard road. My other daughter said that she thinks we are suffering from PSTD and I think she is right.
I think we have to start our recovery with baby steps and look after yourself. Life does get a little easier and I never thought I would say that but I think the horror of it fades a little. I still have very bad days. But I tell myself that tomorrow might be better. Do message me any time … you can private message me and I am very happy to give you my number. Much love xxx

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Hello Victoria, I’m so so sorry for your loss, its comforting to know it can get easier, can I ask what PSTD is please?, I will pm you if you are happy for me to do so, are you on fb if not we can connect on WhatsApp?
Jayne Xx

Hi Jane, I think I got the letters the wrong way round! Post traumatic stress. I am on Facebook and I live in Woodstock, Oxfordshire. I can send my number by private message. xxx

Hi we can maybe just chat on here hope you are OK with this, ptsd is something you should get help for. Have you spoken to your GP about it?

Dear Jane, no I haven’t spoken to my GP. I’m not sure what they could do. I have been offered counselling but I don’t want to. I have managed so far and am lucky to have lovely friends. Much love xxx

Friends are important I too have been offered counciling but prefer not to to at the moment I like you have good friends, I am focused on trying to change the way mental health is treated, take care.

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So so sorry for you. I am in same situation. John was my only son.

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