Lost my girl

I lost my soulmate, we met at 17 years old in Cyprus fell desperately in love but lived so far away from each other it took 23 years to finally make the move and have an amazing 4 years, 7 weeks ago my girl died I held her all the way through till the final breath I’ve never felt so much pain in all my life and don’t really know what’s next I’m not coping well at all but I’m trying


So sorry for your loss. I am 10 weeks into this awful journey. This site will provide you with contact with others who understand what you are feeling and going through. Don’t try and hold it in. Cry. Howl. Do what you feel is right for you. Just posting here can help. Xx. Sandra

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Watch out for the brain fog and the physical effects of grief. I used to sleep so well. Since he died it is a couple of hours a night until my body just says that’s enough and allows a bit more. I found lists essential. I find the isolation is the worst for me. The closest is a 4 hour drive and I have arthritis in my knees, hips and back which means I am not very mobile. Doing the housework is a challenge and I don’t drive any more. I try to focus on the positive. How wonderful the time we had was when we were together. I was lucky enough to have had 50 years. Xx


@Adam2 so sorry for your loss, I lost my partner Christine almost 12 weeks since suddenly :cry: it’s all so raw and it’s tough but hope you can connect with people on this site, suggestions and comments do help and you might say something that will help others.
@Pudding yes you’re right let it go, shout, scream, it’s your grief. I feel so much better when I’ve had a good cry instead of holding it in.

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