Lost my Grandad

Hi everyone, I’m new here.
Reading some of these posts, I can only imagine the pain and struggles that you are going through. Death is a strange thing. It’s so final and unexplainable.
Lost my Grandad over Christmas, he was 87 and died quickly.
I always think, where is he now, does he exist in some form somewhere? Who knows.
My nan is on her own now, I go to see her twice a week to take her shopping down and to offer emotional support.
My mum is coping well from the outside. You never know someone inner feelings.
Just want to say, I empathise with all of you and I’m happy to have found this loveky forum.

Hi Tillwemeetagain.
I feel OK about the passing of my Grandad. We were very close and saw each other often.
He loved to make model Spitfires, so I have one of his old ones now.
I feel peace in the fact that he passed quickly and that we had lots of fun times together.
I also feel peace in the fact that death is natural, the only thing we can guarantee and that its something that Ive accepted will happen to all those around me and myself in the future.
It’s still painful and shocking when someone close to us passes, maybe just a little easier to live with if we accept that it’s part of life and cherish the brief moments more.

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