Lost my grandma

I lost my grandma back in June to cancer! It all happened so sudden! We found out early may after a hospital admission, I stoped working to care for my grandma and was with her till the end it’s all happens to soon, I’m finding it very hard to carry on life with out her, she was my best friend since a baby, we did everything together, called several times a day, visited several time a day, will it ever get better? Will life ever be normal again? It does not seem real? Why is this? Yet I’m hurting deep down.

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Hi Amy, so sorry to hear that you have lost your grandmother so suddenly. It it always very difficult when we lose someone who is our best friend.

No one can really predict how you will grieve because it is such a personal thing. I lost my amazing dad in April, and I cry for him every day. Some people cry for their loved ones daily even after a year, yet some people manage to cope better. Will life ever be normal again? Maybe. It depends. For some life never becomes normal, they end up with a “new normal”, where they learn to live their day to day life without breaking down all the time, but the pain and loss is always with them, yet for others, they do end up back to how they used to be.

H. Amy08. Welcome . ‘Will ever get better’? As Abdullah says, it does depend on so many things. I doubt it will ever be normal again for any of us. That’s not possible because we can never forget. But a ‘new normal’ is possible as we adjust to a new life.
You were obviously very close to your grandma and I sense your deep pain. Not feeling real is our mind’s response to extreme emotional pain. Children can do it automatically, they repress emotions because they are too painful. Adults do it in the form of PTSD. or denial. It’s not unusual and nothing to be afraid of.
The suddenness of it could also be a contributing factor, and you are in shock. Have you seen your GP? You may not need or want medication, but they can often point one in the right direction for help. It’s far too soon for you to fully take in what has happened. Give yourself as much time as you need. There are no rules or set ways to grieve. Allow emotions to come whatever form they take.
This site is a good place to be because we all know how you feel, we have that in common.
Bless you and take care. John.