Lost my husband 18 years ago to cancer aged 46 now in just lost my son age 38 to mental illness, can't cope wish I was with them

Really don’t want to carry on

How are you feeling today BarberaIan1? xx

I’m not sure to be honest, very angry at everyone and snappy , then numb and empty, I just can’t believe he’s gone, I still don’t no how he died as there inquest thank you for asking, Tina, how are you Hun xx

It’s downright emotionally and physically draining feeling angry, irritable and at unrest with things isn’t it… I’m pretty much the same and dwell a lot on the “if only/what if” scenarios. It’s 20 months since I lost my Husband and I’m still having the same inner conversations with myself as I did shortly after losing him. I can’t for one moment imagine the pain as a result of losing your dear Son and the uncertainty of the cause. I hope there are people close that are supporting you. There are always people on here as well. Don’t suffer in silence, it doesn’t help in the long run. Sending compassionate thoughts. Tina.

How are you today Barberalan1? I can’t imagine your situation but I can relate to your feelings. We all need each other, hold on there x

Hi I just feel like I’m someone else if that makes any sense just missing my son so much like everyone on here that’s lost loved ones just empty numb god bless you xx

I know that numbness Barberalan1. The world does not seem to be real or feels like if it were a bad dream. I hope you will have strength to walk on, we are here to help each others xx

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