lost my husband 2 weeks ago

i lost my husband of 53 years just 2 weeks and just wonder how i will cope i have a good family and friends that i talk to regulary i try and keep myself busy with knitting and crochet but the hardest times are when you just sit and think the hardest times are when i take my dog out and come back in
i am thankful i have my dog as i still have a reason to go out but it still feels so unreal as if i am in some kind of a dream

we used to love christmas with the family but this year i cant even think about everyone says i am doing well but people only see whats on the outaide they cant see the pain inside

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I’m sorry to hear of your loss.

I’m 10 months in and the pain still sits heavy in my heart. The one thing that has changed is my ability to function on a daily basis. Life almost pushes you along.
I feel I have become 2 people or half a person!!
One person who puts on a mask and tries to function and act normal every day and the other person who, behind closed doors, struggles to be motivated or enjoy anything.
As for the half a person, it’s that recognition that I don’t feel whole without my husband by my side.

Christmas is happening but very low key. My mother in law and step son are spending it with me. I think we are all trying to support each other through this time.

It helps to be part of this group on this site as it’s a chance to actually say how it really is for us.

Please take care
Dee xx

Hello I too lost my husband been 6 months now it is awful so I know how you feel I too have friends and family I know I have to try and carry on in this life but I really don’t want to we was married 45 years never been on my own it is so hard to want to be here they say time heals but I can not see it will guess we will learn to manage it such a shame we can not meet up with people that know how it is losing your partner take care sending hugs which I miss so badly house is empty xx

i know thats how i feel but im sure if they could get messages to us they would want us to carry on for the family they do say time heals and the pain will heal in time its hard to believe at the moment but just have keep strong

thats exactly the same for me one person act to look as if your copeing and another wo can fall apart over the slightest thing

i am just living day to day getting over the hurdles but at least i have my dog too that gets me out every day and still do my noitting and crochet to help me keep focusing on something else