Lost my husband 5 weeks ago

Hi I’m new to here my husband of 26 years died suddenly of a massive heart attack and clot aged 53 years. I have yet to have the funeral on Monday 20 th how on earth do people cope with a loss of a partner I have two children one ages 17 still at home and the other aged 22 who lives away. Please :pray: any advice it’s only been 5 weeks very early days. But I feel my hearts been ripped out of my chest :cry:


Hello @Lindseyz - so very sorry to see you joining us on this journey none of us ever wanted to make.

I lost my husband very suddenly almost eight months ago and l miss him so much it hurts. There are no instructions for this, no ‘one size fits all’ handbook, we just have to muddle through all this. I returned to work 6 weeks after my husband’s death, l reckon it saved my sanity having a little bit of order amongst the chaos.

What l would say to you is be kind to yourself, give yourself permission to grieve, don’t bottle it all up, and if you want to cry, you cry. Take any offers of help and support you might get. You’re still at the baby steps stage, so please don’t expect too much of yourself, it’s too early for that. And maybe have a look at the ‘Losing a partner’ section on here, there are loads of us active on there if you want to join in the chat.

Wishing you well for Monday :heart:


Thankyou so much I’m sorry for your loss too. I’ve never ever thought I
Would be in tbis position and can’t quite believe it.
Don’t know how il go on from here it’s scary. X

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So sorry for your loss. My husband died on Tuesday with a long battle with cancer. We have two boys aged 14 and 15. I’ve no advise as it’s early days for me but know you are not alone x


I’m so sorry for your loss it’s truly awful :cry:

So sorry for your loss, sending hugs for you on Monday x

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Im 3 months lost from my husband, keep talking and keep company.
There are times you’ll want to be alone too and thats ok :heart:


Hi yes that’s true I can’t believe it’s happening :cry:

Thankyou :blush:

I’m so sorry for your loss.
I lost my partner suddenly at the age of 58.
It’s heartbreaking.
I’ve struggled with fear and panic attacks since he’s gone, which I never suffered with before.
Some days I don’t want to carry on but you do find the courage and strength to fight another day.
I hate my life now but I have some hope I will one day find peace with my thoughts and that the yearning will not be as painful.
Some friends have disappeared completely, which breaks my heart…I long for them to come back in my life but I don’t think they ever will :broken_heart::broken_heart:

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So sorry for your loss. My husband died 6 weeks ago he had very ill health for 7 years so a long and courageous battle. Like you i cant believe hes gone, never known such pain. 48 years together. How do you get through it? Blessings to you. May your heart ache a little less with each passing day.


I definitely know how you’re feeling because I am exactly the same and I’m terrified because I have a fear of being alone. My daughter is going to university next year and we had so many plans for the future and now I feel lost and alone. I’m sorry for your loss x

Hi it’s just heartbreaking :mending_heart: I haven’t watched tv in 5 weeks or been on instagram I can’t because everything triggers my emotions and I get agitated others are living there best lives or have their husbands wen we are grieving like this. I am sorry for your loss x

Hi Lindsey,
It is just the worst pain isn’t it? I do have the telly on I find it comforting….hate silence.
This time of year too!
I wish there were some words of comfort I could offer but this is just to painful.
I hope your pain lessens as the days go by.

Yes after the funeral tomorrow will be hard to adjust to a life alone and then Christmas I’m dreading that I can’t see anything positive about this right now and others like you understand but many don’t as they haven’t experienced anything like this before x