Lost my husband in may

I lost my husband in may this year after a long illness we had been married 27 years our marriage wasn’t great and in the last five years I was his carer more than his wife I was upset when he died however I have got on with life however feeling very guilty for doing so I thought till the last few days I have cried so much my daughter is going through a tuff time too and I feel I cant keep a brave face on anymore I feel I’m just going through the motions for Christmas I have no heart in it we have friends coming too I’m frightened I’m going to break dawn in front of my daughter and friends

Hello Booboo,

Welcome to this community. I’m so very sorry to hear that you lost your husband in May and you’re having a difficult time at the moment. Guilt is a normal part of grief and many others here have experienced something similar.

It sounds as though you have stayed strong for a long time and you’ve been hit by a wave of grief - this time of year often intensifies our emotions. Take things slowly today and try to have some time to yourself, if you need it.

Thinking of you.

Take care,

Hi Booboo
My husband,Tim, passed away on 2nd December, we have been together for 27 years too. I was dreading yesterday, I wanted to be strong for my family but couldn’t do it. We struggled through the day, had a few smiles but I was so glad when the day was over. We were all emotionally drained.
From what I can gather, from this forum, everything you are feeling is quite normal. Be kind to yourself, you need time to grieve.

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Times are hard…My cat loves giving cuddles so that helps a little…We all have to take 1 day at a time…Good wishes to all who are trying to get through tough times…