Lost my husband, my best friend

I lost my husband a month ago. Now I’m lost, In a black hole of despair and unbearable pain. I know I’m not alone, that’s why I’m here.

Hi, I am so sorry for your loss. You have come to the right place, everyone here understands how you are feeling. Keep coming back and talking. It has helped me so much. It is 20 weeks since I lost my partner and I wonder how I have managed to come this far.
I am having some better moments but still lots of tears. It is very tough, but we are all here to help each other in any way we can. Xxx love and hugs :hugs: Jacky

Thank you so much. :heart:

Three weeks since I lost my husband and I feel your pain. I don’t see any future at the moment, everything was centred around ‘us’ and I don’t have any motivation or desire to do it for ‘me’. You will feel that people on here really understand how you are feeling. Sending hugs

Sorry for your loss. Yes it’s the “us” that’s tearing me apart, no more “us”, just me. Sending hugs.

It is four weeks since I lost my husband to COPD and lung cancer; he died in the early morning with me holding him… His breathing had been so loud and then it just stopped and my heart broke… His cancer diagnosis of Stage 4 was just fourteen days before and he came home from hospital for the last three days… I was just numb at the funeral. He had had many years with rheumatoid arthritis and everything seemed to be put down to that… So many questions… The physical pain is there as well… I don’t want to be here any more, just with him… We lost a precious son to a heart condition and I have no family left… Friends mean welll, but…

I am so sorry that you have gone through the pain that you describe. It is horrible to know now that life can be so harsh and cruel. I keep feeling that I am being punished as it feels like the worst thing that anyone can do to me. I’m just not sure what I did to deserve it though. Sending hugs.

I, too, lost my husband to lung cancer. Like you, I was holding him when he took his last breath and the shock of that moment is with me now. I feel totally lost. I wake up in the morning and wonder how I am going to get through the day. I wish i had words of comfort. I try to console myself with the fact he is no longer suffering but I miss him like crazy so I understand your pain.

I wish I could comfort you too… The pain and confusion is just overwhelming; time has stood still and there seems no point to anything…I don’t want to think of a future after fifty years with a lovely person. It is good to have found somewhere where others understand the devastation… Arms around you…

I am so sorry to see you in pain; yes, I think I feel guilty not to have seen signs that could have prevented such a devastating outcome, but when you see someone every day and are trying to keep some sort of normal routine going, I guess we don’t have all the medical information to restore our loved one…

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How do we get through another day?