Lost my husband

I’m scared of facing the future alone x

Hi cinders
Me too I have got a son and daughter and three grandchildren,I love them all dearly yet I feel so alone they all say dad you are doing so well little do they know under the surface I’m a empty shell and for the most part I’m in tears .my wife was my world and at 50 she was taken so young , I do no look forward to anything anymore just doesn’t seem any point ,so what your saying is so true you are scared and you have every right to be I just hope that you and everyone else can find peace and the pain we have can ease at least a little, keep posting your thoughts and I hope it helps being on this forum it has helped me , you take care

Hi Jon
Thank you for your reply, your words are just how I am feeling. I have a daughter one step daughter and two grandchildren who I love so much but that just doesn’t seem to fill the emptiness I feel just as you say.


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