Lost my husband

I am so tired but each time I close my eyes I have a panic attack and the realisation hits me that I’m never going to see my husband again.

Any help or advice would be welcomed.


I hope you had a peaceful night Cinders, I’m really very sorry about what’s happened to you both. Its not surprising you are so tired with the emotional and physical trauma we have to deal with at a time like this. How is it possible to try and make sense of something that doesn’t make sense and won’t ever? Sleep if you can, whilst you can as in the following weeks it may turn out that sleeplessness sets in and you’ll have nothing in reserve. The feelings of panic are so frightening I know. All we can do is just “be” and let our bodies get us through each 24 hours when we know our emotional state is struggling to manage it. I think “comfort” comes not so much from what people say but from knowing others have similar feelings and we see if they can survive, then maybe we can too. It’s so terribly, terribly hard. Try not to suppress your emotions or bottle things up as time goes on as I know how that leads to major problems in the future. I hope today is kind on you.

Hi Tina19
I have had some good advice from people on this site already and I’m sure I will need and gets lots more and in all the mess maybe help others.
It’s good to know people are at the other end when you need to talk.