Lost my husband

I lost my husband of 40 years 5 months ago. The pain is with me always, sleep is not good and i miss him so much. He was my soul mate. He went to work one day and didnt come home. His death was unexpected and sudden . Life is so hard now, our daughter was pregnant with our first grandchild when he died so never got to see our grandchild. He knew she was pregnant and that it was girl but never met her. Its so hard for all of us.


@Hazell sorry for your loss. Life is just cruel sometimes. I’m 6.5 months on this journey and this forum has been a huge help. You will find others with similar stories to your own and others that are different. But what we all have in common is the loss of our partners, our soulmates and the devastation that results in. Take care and keep chatting.


I feel for you, I lost my wife Joan suddenly 9 months ago, her niece , the daughter of her twin sister, was pregnant with a baby boy, Joan knew about this and couldn’t wait for him to be born, but died too soon to meet him.
We mourn our lost people but also mourn their lost futures, she should be shopping for Christmas presents now and looking forward to putting up the decorations, she loved Christmas, there will be no decorations put up in my house this year and probably never again, stay close with your family.