Lost my little brother he was 21

I’ve lost my brother two days ago . I don’t know what to do how to make my self feel better I feel scared and I’m not prepared for what’s going to happen next . I love him so much . Im struggling with sleeping panic attacks and all sorts I just need help and guidance is it ok to feel what Im feeling ? How do I prepare my self for the rest of it

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I am sorry for you loss. My Mum passed away earlier this week and I am going to say to you what I told my own children. Whatever you feel is OK, you can feel every emotion under the sun and that is OK. It is good that you are reaching out, but as you are having panic attacks it may be a good idea to talk to your gp as they may be able to offer medication to help with the tidal wave of grief you are feeling right now. They may also be able to offer someone to talk to. The act of talking is great as a way to process grief, it makes your brain try to organise what it is processing.
But right now just know what your are feeling is OK, grief is both a mental and physical trauma and it takes time to work it.

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Thank you so so much for replying back it honestly means so much to me . I’m so sorry for your loss ! Why is life so cruel ? How are you doing ? I’m going to definitely see a doctor I’ve still so much to prepare for we are still waiting to see what has properly happened to him and the funeral I don’t know if I can take all that too just hurts so so much can’t stop asking my self why ? Why him ?

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Hi olgapol everything you feel is normal .your in shock dont hesitate to see the doc .so sorry for the loss of your little brother .i lost my son to cancer at the end of april .he was ill four months then gone. Age just 25 .we are heartbroken nothing seems real .i come on here .just talk we all in this horrible place .sending you a hug love zoe xx

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Sending you love so sorry for your loss .big hugs zoe x

So sorry to hear of your sad losses Zoe and Olgapol and Halmama my heart goes out to you all
I am struggling with the loss of my dear Dad just over three months ago, but at least he lived to a good age. I struggle with looking forward to a new year without him in it. It is certainly a journey on which I wish I wasn’t travelling but I am trying to take it one day at a time and trying to accept that things may feel better in time and not lose hope. There are some days a bit better and within each day there can be waves of grief which overwhelm me. I was in tears in the supermarket when a particular song was played, but felt a bit better out in the fresh air.
I am so glad to have this lovely supportive community

Hi Lanee so sorry about the loss of your dad grief gets you at any time .its like your on a rollercoaster .ive lost both my parents it takes along time to get by without feeling sad every minute .this life we live we die. Take the people we love most in the world .you cry when you want. Dont feel gulity for laughing and take baby steps .we all in this horrible place together much love zoe :heart:

Thank you Zoe. I really appreciate your kindness and encouragement, you have been through so much yourself and kept your kindness and humanity for others , that is truly amazing xx

Lanee bless you . Be kind to yourself and come on here talk about how you feel it really helps this sounds nuts but im sitting in sams room with his arsenal blanket round me and my feet in his trainers .mad things that bring comfort .my sam would be saying stop them tears . Big hugs to you love zoe xx