Lost my love

I lost my lifelong partner of 37 years . He was the love of my life the centre of my world. I was his Carer for the last 3 years and just the 2 of us were together 24/7. He was only 50.
It was his funeral a couple of weeks before Xmas. The time since has just passed in a blur. I’m struggling to get through and feel so lost and isolated. I am feeling like a lot of you cant sleep or focus. Sit down to watch TV and just can’t face watching programmes we would sit down and watch together. My heart is broken :broken_heart:. I am grateful I’ve found this site today as I feel I’m going mad :disappointed_relieved:

Hi Juli69

I am so sorry about your lost. It has been about 6 weeks, very raw and probably your are in shock still.
The lockdown make it difficult for everyone but gor us is like carry an additional burden. Isolation make it harder for us as we cannot have support or just go out to make our grieving a bit easier.
Well someone advise me to wake up at the same time everyday jn order to get a routine, easy say it fone done i am working in it still .
Another advise is turn tv or radio, do one does not feel alone.

I have found comfort talking with some people in this community as people here understand our feeling different from some friends with their comments that mean to help but sometimes are tactless.
Have you tried counselling? Keep posting.
You are not going mad it is the pain of our broken heart
The lost of part of our life, soul and partner , our life
Sorry i cannot give you any useful advise, i wish i could give you a hug. (I haven’t had a hug for months not even when my husband passed).
Try to sleep eat and drink. Warm hugs xx

Julia69 take comfort from this site I found it a massive help . I’m 4 months into my lonely journey and I feel there are people on here who are my friends even though I don’t know them and never will but at a time when we feel alone and isolated it’s a great comfort .
Take care and keep talking sending hugs :heart:

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Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. Had a tough few days didn’t really get out of bed. Sleep pattern is up the wall I’m trying to get back into some kind of routine and take things 1 day at a time. I have thought about counselling . I will keep posting as I know you are going through the same and know exactly how it feels.
Take care

Thank you so much I m sorry we are going through this heartbreak.
I appreciate you reaching out and will now keep posting.
Take care :heart:

Dear Juli69,
I am so sorry for your loss,my husband was my whole life too, we did everything together, he was my soulmate and best friend. Of course you will be totally heartbroken and feel lost and alone. We all know how you are feeling and want to support you. Take care, big hugs

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Thank you x. It’s the feeling of what do I do now as we were together 24/7 and now it’s just me :broken_heart:

Hello Juli69
It is the New Life we have when we lost our partner. The feelings and the constant pain the fact of waking up and look for them as we used to do, see the empty chair, the emptiness in our hearts and the home, missing their voice, talking everyday talking of everything and nothing .
Now in this new life it is hard to find the reason to go on sorry i ment to write something nice for you to go on, hope your days get better. Hugs xx.