Lost my loving wife

I am the same as you I lost my partner just 15 months ago I too have no siblings or kids so I know how you feel I feel lost also and its very hard to know what to do All your friends would miss you the good thing is your not alone in this I Just hope you can find the strength to do something over Christmas ie a restaurant meal etc good luck

Hi Grollie…I know just how you are feeling we lost our Darling Son a week ago and like you the funeral is in ten days time, I am fortunate I have a wonderful husband by my side but at the moment all I want is my son back with me.Today I have made a promise to myself to try and be strong not only for myself but for my Husband too.I will be thinking of you this week,I think it helps to know you are not alone in your grief.

Been 5 weeks tomorrow since jayme died was such a shock as the cancer took over rapidly as was fit and healthy end of august and must admit i really struggling and best thing you can do is talk to peoplw or that how i am coping but everybody diffrent and hoe if you need anybody to chat to am here if you want to chat, take care alan

I sorry to hear abour your loss and i guess you be like i was 5 weeks ago in total shock disbelief when my partner jayme died and i find chatting best to deal with this and am still struggling to come to terms with losing her as she was my rock but if you ever need to chat to anybody plenty on here and i am available to chat also, take care alan

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