Lost my Mom Sept 2021 😢 Struggling💔

Hi everyone, sending hugs to you all firstly,

I lost my Mom last year after she fought a long battle with Copd​:broken_heart:She was only 63​:pensive: My mom and I were so close, even more so the past couple years as I helped care for her and i’m just so heartbroken without her here. There is such an emptiness in my heart and in my life. I have a husband and children so I’m still functioning and doing everything that needs to be done but inside I feel broken. I don’t sleep, I’ve lost weight and I just think of Mom all the time. I just feel like we should’ve had more time​:pensive: I look back at pictures of Mom’s last few months and it’s been a shock​:broken_heart:My mind must’ve been blocking it out how poorly she was because I know I needed to be strong for her​:heart: but I feel when she died, I lost all the strength she ever gave me. I thought I’d felt the worst heartbreak when I lost my Daughter late in pregnancy. But this feels worse and I never thought I’d say that. And that’s what frightens me :cry: the difference back then is that Mom was there by my side through it all.

I just wanted some advice really, when will this pain start to ease😢


Hi Mara,

Sorry to hear of the loss of your mum and daughter but there are a lot of wise and supportive people here who may be able to help you navigate this unwanted path.

I lost mum in December 2021 so it’s still very new to me living without her and two years ago to the date her sister (my auntie) died so today is a hard day for me tbh.

My friend who lost her mum a few years ago told me (and this seems to be echoed by people here) that you never truly ‘get over it’ but learn to live with it so to speak. Just now I lurch from one day to the next and like probably everyone here have good days and bad.

I know I haven’t given you the lift of positivity you were hoping for but I just wanted to acknowledge your loss and hope your good days outweigh the bad x

Take care of yourself,

Suzanne x


Hi Mara,

I totally understand how you feel having lost my mum Oct 2021. I too spent a lot of time with her in the past 18 months and cared for her, took her to appointments, did her shopping etc, the very sudden loss of her has hit me hard and left a huge hole.

I also have a husband and child, they get me up and out to deal with the day but its a struggle and i dont know about you but i very much feel i put a brave face on everyday to the world but actually inside im breaking down all the time.

Be kind to yourself and allow yourself time to grieve the loss of your mum. Im not sure the pain will ever go away but i trust in that in time it will ease.

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I am so sorry that you lost your mum.I know what you mean about being broken inside.As mother’s we put a smile on our face and just get on with things.It is terrifying.I just want to talk to my mum and I always want to ask her about my son and tell her how tall hes gotten and how much he reminds me of her which makes things even harder in a way.I think it’s a heartbreak that we never get over.A piece of us goes with them when they go it changes who we are.Take care x