lost my mother 5yrs later lost my dad exact same day

im just lost so so lost i feel like screaming im to young for my parents to die i feel so alone altho i had a new baby my first child then 5bweeks later my father died a such happy time turned into the saddest time of my life

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Hi xtina

I’m sorry for your losses. I have also lost both parents since my mum died suddenly in june of this year. It has been an awful journey and I am lost without them both. I am lucky that I have a 12 year old daughter who had a fantastic relationship with her nan. Unfortunately my dad died 9 years before she was born.
You are not alone and there are many of us every day who talk to each other on this site.
It’s a rubbish time of the year but you have your child to help you through.
Talk to us when you need to.
Cheryl x

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Hi I have lost both my parents and i feel the same xx

Hi sarrah

It’s an awful feeling being without both parents isnt it. I coped with losing my dad because I still had the comfort and protection in life from my mum but losing her last june has just thrown me.
How are you?
Cheryl x

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Hi, yes same I managed to some how cope with my Dad because my children were very young then, but since losing my Mum yes it’s been very hard and my two eldest boys have their own lives my youngest is 14 and hitting the teens. I have a partner but I care for him a lot also as he has ptsd. My four legged best friends help me the most.

Sarah xx

That’s nice. I have a daughter who is nearly 13 who misses my mum terribly. My mum helped bring her up with me and to lose her so suddenly has been horrendous.
Being at work helps me. My days off are difficult particularly as my mum lived with us and there is such a mum shaped void on those days.
Cheryl x

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Hi, I’ve recently lost my mom suddenly in Oct to a brain aneurysm, she was only 68, three years ago I lost my dad to cancer he was only 67. I’m only 38 and feel young to lose both parents and rigging three years apart. Was due to get married and start a family within the next year. Was really close to mom, she was like a sister and best friends. Everyday is hard without having contact.

Hi annie.
I lost my mum suddenly to a brain hemorrhage on the 14th june. It was such a shock. We were doing my garden and having pub lunches the week before. She was 74 but so funny, energetic and my very best friend.
I will never get over it.
My dad died if a massive heart attack 21 years ago.
I’m lost as an adult orphan.
Cheryl x

Sorry to hear, with my dad we prepared ourselves for his death as didn’t want to see him suffer. My life is so empty without them. Sorry to hear about your dad aswell. Life can be cruel x

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I’m sorry for your loss Amie. I’ve lost both parents now too. My Mum suddenly just over 3 months ago form pneumonia and a sudden heart attack.
I have become very sentimental about the past. I was never was like that previously.
People here are lovely, so keep posting. I’d be lost without this place.

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You’re right. Life is empty.
I do have a partner and daughter but my mum was such a big part of my life.
My partner works long hours and is often away from home and my daughter is nearly 13 and is either at school or an after school club or with her friends.
Mum was part of every day and the loss is so great.
Life is very cruel x

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Awww yes that’s really hard, try and focus on all the happy memories xx

My mum was a part of my everyday at home too. I know how feel. You miss those daily moments. It more miss - it’s a terrible longing. It usual ends up in tears with me.

Losing them when they lived with us is very difficult daffy.

Sorry, I didn’t write the above comment very well, but clearly you got the gist.