Lost my mum 6weeks ago

My dad died when I was a baby so it’s only ever been just me and my mum-
I was her full time carer since I was 15. We spent every day together and spoke on the phone up to 10 times a day when we wasn’t together.
She was like my sons second mum and it was I like us three in the end .
In January this year she was diagnosed with Neuroendocrine cancer and it spread rapidly and took her July 11th (my dads anniversary)

I have been struggling with my my talk health- anxiety,panic and fear of medications for a few years now and I’ve become worse since mums gone- I now haven’t left the house in three weeks which has been horrible as I have a seven year old (he has gone for days out with he’s school friends so he’s done a few fun things over the holidays) but I feel terrible they weren’t with me.

I’m crying non stop,feeling light headed,sense of doom, sick, getting mouth ulcers, I feel like I’m going crazy and I hate waking up to the same pain everyday

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Hello @Higgans2022, I’m so sorry for the loss of your mum. It sounds like you have such a lot to cope with.

I can understand how scary it might be given your fear of medications, but it does sound like things are feeling very overwhelming for you right now and that it might be a good idea to talk to your GP about what’s going on and how they can best support you.

We also offer Online Bereavement Counselling that you might want to explore.

Thank you for bravely sharing how you’re feeling - you are not alone.

Take care

I have lost my mum too feel free to pm me if you need to talk I’ll be happy to listen

Thankyou x