Lost my mum and boyfriend

My first post
I lost my boyfriend in June 2020 and my mum died 5 months to the day of him.
She was my best friend in the whole world and my rock when he died, still struggling massively to function without them both and feeling incredibly lost and a burden to friends
Looking for some advice to deal with and try and love again, I’ve been blocking it all out since and it isn’t working anymore

Hello Diz, I am so sorry you have lost two loved people so close together. I can understand how alone you feel and how your world has been shattered. It is still early days down this horrible road of grieving but perhaps you could consider seeing a counsellor. If this is something that you think would help both Sue Ryder and Cruse have a free service. Please remember that grief doesn’t have a timetable or knows when to go on holiday or retire.
You sound young and life will continue and I do hope you find love and have the kind of relationship that you had thought would always be there.
Take care of yourself, sending love and blessings. S xx