Lost my Mum and gained a Granddaughter

I am so very thrilled to have my beautiful first Grandchild after losing my Mum only 6 weeks ago,but it is such a roller- coaster feeling.
I know it is that I have only just had time to think about what has happened with my Mum- I dealt with the Funeral and clearing her flat.
I feel so weird!

Hello @Lorna B and welcome to our Online Community. I’m really sorry about the recent death of your mum, and I’m not surprised you’re finding life a bit of a roller-coaster with the arrival of a grandchild too!

I see you’ve already replied to a couple of other threads too so that’s great you’re getting involved in the community. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of support here when you feel you need it.

Take care and enjoy the cuddles with the new grandbaby :slight_smile:


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Thanks Nancy- sweet of you to welcome me.
I am really enjoying them cuddles x