Lost my mum and my husband

I lost my mum on1st September 2018 to ovarian cancer it was horrible watch her go like she did but I didn’t get time to grieve one month later my husband was told he had lung cancer and there was nothing that could be done he passed away on 8th August 2019 his passing was calm and peaceful total opposite of my mums first 3 months after my husbands passing are a total blue but I have an amazing family and they was there but the emptiness you feel that’s hard but you take it day by day and you do get through nearly 15months later I still have a hard time with the coping with it but I have come along way it changes everything nothing will ever be the same again but you have to accept that cancer takes so much away from you not just in death but before that as well ,one thing I found hard after my husband passed I couldnt remember things before the cancer and that was hard .


Hi Fec, I am so sorry for the loss of your lovely Mum and Husband. I can totally relate to you as I went through exactly the same. My Mum passed away after years of bad health so it was not unexpected then three weeks later my husband had a sudden and unexpected heart attack. I did not have time to grieve properly for my beloved Mum when my whole world came crashing down with the loss of Colin, like you I functioned on auto pilot for months and it is only because I had the love and support from amazing family and friends that I am still here. You are further down the line than me at 15 months and I am glad you are managing to get through the days. The future we thought we had together has disappeared and we are trying to adjust to a life without our two most important people. I have made some fantastic friends on this forum and we are going through this journey together and holding each others hands every step of the way. It certainly helps to know others are feeling and going through the same as you are so stick with us, we are all doing it together :wink:

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It is a really intense grief that you go through when you loose two people who mean the world to you it’s nice to no people are out there who no how I feel because people who have been there for me it’s like life has gone back to normal for them so you dont hear from them as much and dont see them as much ,nothing will ever be normal for me again my normal has gone I have to get used to a new normal. I am sorry for your loss

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That’s right, everyone is supportive and encouraging but only those who have been through it can truly understand. It’s true life goes on but our lives will never be the same again. It’s learning to adjust to this new life we never wanted that’s so hard :disappointed_relieved:

Hi Fec, my hubby passed 4 months ago from a cardiac arrest, my Mum was diagnosed with Cancer of the throat 2 years ago . She had the op and all was going well till beginning of this year, then we where told it had come back :disappointed: they have now said no more that they can do, I’m also caring for my Dad who had dementia. I feel totally overwhelmed, but all I can do is keep going , my Dad fell today thankfully I managed to get him up! It’s a absolute nightmare but as their daughter that’s what I must do xx Take care of yourself xxx

It’s a really horrible situation the strength get through these situations come from love be strong

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