Lost my Mum and Myself!

3 weeks ago my 96 year old Mum passed away. Mum had suffered a cerebral haemorrhage 2wks before this and my elder brother chose not to tell me until 3 days before mum died! I have a severe physical disability and live in the South West and Mum lived in East Sussex near my brother. Because of my condition I was not able to travel to see mum and I won’t be able to travel to the funeral on Monday. My brother is my only close family and he has not been to see me for 5 years, I admit we are not close.

I am 63 and live in a nursing home myself. I feel not only have I lost my Mum, but utterly lost myself! Mum was such a strong presence in my life.

Does anyone else share this sense of losing themselves in loss and grief? I am really struggling with it.

Thanks for listening dear friends.


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