Lost my mum and wife in the space of 8 months

I lost my mum a year ago after about 8 months I was managing it to a extent then on the 16th December 2018 I lost my wife after having the perfect day that day we had been together for 29 years married for 26 still don’t know wot my wife died of which is hard to come to terms with and may never know I’ve been told

Jack i am so sorry to hear about your Mum and your wife. I have the same situation, i lost my dear old Mum last April, she was aged 92 and it was her time. It was very sad and i miss her but she had had enough, she had been without my Dad for 20 years and wanted to go. Losing Colette, my wife was an indescribable shock,we thought she had flu, but it was AML and sepsis, she lasted 8 days from diagnosis and passed away in January. We had been together for 41 years. When things are bad i post in here and people are very caring and it helps. I also find whatsyour grief.com very helpful in understanding and dealing with grief and emotions. Stay strong. Kieran

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Cheers kiereon my mum was 72 and my wife only 48 was fine when I left the house came back an hour later and was collapsed on the floor trried resuscitate her to no avail did post mortem nothing came back thinks it maybe long qt syndrome now be found at least 2 of my 4 children have got it so worrying don’t sleep so I can keep checking they are breathing just lost don’t know wot to do anymore

It’s nearly three years ago since my mother, my wife and my aunt were together and, at that time they were all terminally ill. Since then they have all died. My grief was compounded by the death of my cousin just a few weeks ago, and his wife had died just three months before.
Sometimes it all feels a bit too much and I can empathise with how you feel.
As Keiran has suggested the website What’s Your Grief is a great resource and it recognises Compounded Grief. It’s not prescriptive as such but gives you good pointers for thinking things through and learning how to cope in difficult times.
Keep looking on here for support and pointers to living on alongside your grief.


Hi hack im so so sorry to hear about your horrendous loss first your mum then your lovely wife it’s so heartbreaking it’s been six months and two weeks exactly since my soulmate of seventeen years fell asleep in my arms im utterly truamatised just to let you know your in my thoughts take care as much as possible Adele x

Sorry that was meant jack apologies again my eyes are stinging with crying in my thoughts and prayers x

Gosh Ian

You have had a terrible time. No wonder you feel so lost. I lost my dad 2 years ago then a few weeks later my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer so I understand the tail spin of emotions.

I had the chance to say goodbye to my mum though so losing your wife like that must leave such a sense of unreality.

How are your children doing? They need their dad so much so you are doing the right thing reaching out here for support.

Ann xx

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