Lost my mum , my 2nd parent and struggling and feel so alone

Really struggling and feel very alone, nothing feels real or has any meaning , I fought the hospital to stay with her and had to keep fighting and in the end was at her side for 32 hrs watching her struggle to stay with us…hardest most heartbreaking thing I have ever done … I feel physical pain , emotionally drained and so so tired, planning and getting through my mums funeral was exhausting too , but now everything has stopped the pain has got even worse and is all consuming


Hi Tixy, you sound desperate and I can feel for you. I don’t know how long it is since your lovely mum left us but I think it may help if you looked at counselling. It can help you get through the tough days and help you find the way ahead which is what you may need. We are here to help and we have all gone through this horrible time. S xx

Try either of these.

I can relate to each and every word. I lost my mom 3 weeks ago. It was so sudden. She had no health issues and she was only 58. It was due to a sudden cardiac arrest.
I am struggling so much. I can understand your pain. It’s unbearable. It’s so so so difficult. I don’t do anything other than thinking about it.
Have you tried counseling? There are grief therapist who can help. I started recently. Although it doesn’t fix my problem but it helps a little bit. I am also listening to a lot of audio books on grief coping all day. That helps a little.
This is a lifetime of pain and i don’t think we will ever recover. I don’t even think time will heal.
You are not alone. Please talk here. Open up. I’m here for you. People on this group have helped me so much.

Hello Tixy,

I am very sorry for your loss.I understand.

I lost my lovely dad, my last parent also, this last weekend to leukaemia, covid, then pneumonia. I feel in shock currently, his immune system couldn’t cope in the end.

I feel numb, just following a list slowly to sort out funeral etc.I keep crying,I think I am coping but aren’t really.

Today was awful,I had to sort through his clothes for things for him to wear. It was horrific.

I just take each day, make lists, but what when the lists stop?

How do you cope then?

So sorry for your loss. Sudden losses might be the most difficult to cope with. My mom passed away suddenly due to cardiac arrest. She was so young. She didn’t have any ailments. It’s been 3 weeks. I am in shock and extreme pain. This is so unfair. I’m sending you some of the strength from my end.(I don’t have much myself)
I miss my mom and I want her back.

I am out a few years from losing mine.

all I can say is that this is YOUR time to mourn. you do not want it.
but it is a time to indulge yourself to honor the loss to comfort yourself … and do not let anyone mitigate it.

we must endure this grief period. we are forced to. so at least use this time to mourn as that is what it is for … though “unbearable”. yes, I know.

Hi MummasDaughter

Thank you for the kind words.I am sorry for your loss.

Like you I want my dad back as well.

I had to sort his clothes yesterday to take to the funeral home, it was awful.

I send you strength also and hope.You will get through this as will I.

Remember to take care of yourself.

Sukey xx