lost my Mum suddenly 7 weeks ago

I lost my Mum 7 weeks ago, she went into hospital in the morning and died in the afternoon. No warning, she was 80 but still active, we did alot together as a family and I’m heart broken. It’s such a shock and I miss her so much.

Hello, Kitty,
I am so sorry that your mum passed away, dreadful shocks such as this, do break your heart. Welcome to this wonderful group of people, here you will gain compassion and understanding.
Take care of yourself,

Hi hellokitty72,

I completely sympathise with the loss of your mum suddenly. I have never felt such pain. Last june my mum who was 74 and really able bodied and active went into hospital for an operation to clear her carotid artery. She was told it was an hours operation but if she didnt have it urgently done, it would be a massive stroke risk.
She went into hospital laughing and joking and I told her I would ring the ward to say hello at 6pm and would be back the following morning to collect her.
I got a call at 5pm from her surgeon telling me that to his utter shock mum had fallen unconscious in the recovery room and not woken again. We turned mums life support off the following day.
Since then I have been in a complete state of shock that she has gone. We had bought a bungalow just 10 months earlier and she had moved in with us to help look after my 12 year old daughter so we could work full time.
I dont think I will ever accept what happened and know I will never be the same person again.
There are lots of us that chat every day on this site.
It has been a real lifeline.
Cheryl x


I’m so sorry to hear you lost your mum so quickly like that. The shock adds to the grief. But intime you will be glad you didn’t see her suffer a long drawn out illness. But that won’t help right now. It’s a bumpy road. Don’t be hard on yourself. Lots of us chat on here daily. I lost my 70 year old mum last August. Through mis diagnosed cancer. That was a sudden decline too

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Thank you for sharing your story, it’s so raw and just feels so unreal.

So sorry to hear that- it’s so awful isn’t it.

Its heart breaking, just makes no sense.
It’s so lovely that I can share on here and other people understand

Yes you feel like its only happening in your life until you look on this forum and see just how many people are going through it x


You will find comfort in knowing you are not alone. And as awful as it is. It is easier knowing that.

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