lost my mum to covid

My mum passed in august. Honestly, the thought of losing her never crossed my mind, let alone losing her at 22. I don’t know how to act or feel but I do feel like I am not allowing myself to think about it. The last few days leading to her death were messy in the hospital. I did not process what was actually going on till after. I almost feel guilty for not processing she was dying.
I feel very sad and alone.
I don’t feel like people around me understand.


Wow you are very brave and so young to lose your mum. I feel young and I am 40. My mum passed suddenly too (cancer not covid). It too was a blur and I still keep hoping it is a dream. Sadly it isn’t and me and my sister were with her so that gives some peace. Do you have a network around you? Everyone griefs differently and in their own way. Dont be fraid to take time help it is out there in so many different ways.

Hi petite
Sorry u lost ur mam so young. I thought I was young at 35, I lost mine at suddenly in march. People around u Won’t understand unless they have lost a parent. My friends said they could sympathise but not understand as they still have both parents. I do find talking to people that have lost their Mam helps as they do understand. I think a sudden death is very hard hitting. My brain was all over in the first few months, I went through and experienced emotions that I never have before. I questioned if what I was doing or feeling was normal. It’s not till I joined this group I realised what I went through and felt was normal and there is people going through the same. Ur not alone we are here to talk if u need to. Have people around u to support u but then ull know when u need time on ur own to breathe and process it. Take one day at a time, every day is different with different feelings but just one day at a time. Xxx

Thank you for responding. Honestly, none of this feels real. I think it is time I accessed the help out there.

Thank youuu, this helped a lot. I do find comfort in talking to people that have experience death, as they tend to understand how i feel.

Yeah I think this site is brilliant also I had counselling when Mam first died, I’m starting counselling again next week xxx

Hi I’m sorry for your loss.To lose your mum that young is so unfair.I know it’s not much of a comfort but the first few months are the hardest even though it doesn’t feel like it.I know because it’s 10 months soon since my mum passed.I couldn’t take it in when my mum passed still can’t really.Hear if you need to chat.:slight_smile:

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