Lost my mum

Lost my mum 3 weeks ago still so heartbroken will I ever see her again x


Andy, I am pleased you have found our community. It’s very sad when we loss someone special and extremely hard to understand that the one person we need has gone and we can never say all those things we want to and have those discussions we want. I am sorry that your mum had to leave but she will still be around one way or another telling you what to do. It may only be in your memory but she will never leave you. Hold on to those beautiful memories.
Keep reading and posting if it helps you and we have information on this site regarding bereavement and we are always here for you. Take care. S xx


Hi Andy
I lost my mum. 3 months ago today, for me it’s the shock and missing her comes in waves, sometimes you feel like your drowning other times you seem to get through the day ok.

the hardest thing was that she was my best friend, the one person I spoke to every day and I miss that so much,I feel your pain, sometimes you’ve just got to have a bloody good cry, dust yourself off and try to get on with life,

I’m sure our muns would not want us to be miserable for the rest of our days

Hi Andy, I’m so sorry to hear of your mum passing. I can say I know how you are feeling. I lost my mum 4 weeks ago, then her brother 12 days later. I’m just numb, I have to go to clear her house out tomorrow and I’m dreading it for all sorts of reasons., she’s nolonger there, I don’t know what to keep, I hate the thought of going through her stuff as it seems disrespectful. People have been saying once it’s done I’ll feel better,but without sounding sorry for myself, I don’t want go feel better.

I’m so sorry to hear bout your mum and its really hard just at my mums now sat with dad just seems weird without her being here all her possession are here just not mum hope your OK Lucy x