Lost my mum

My mum died 22nd may,we’ve had the funeral and now it’s really starting to hit me, she was 86,good age I hear you say!
maybe but she was still my mum and I saw her everyday,as I said it’s really hitting home now,after all the running around sorting things out …now I just feel lost!
She was poorly for a few months.
Can’t get my head around it all!!

Hello Chris65 - I hope you will find that it helps you, by joining our Online Community. It must seem very strange for you, not having your dear Mum with you now. You were obviously very close to her, and even though she had been ill for a while, it was bound to hit you very hard when she died.
Don’t try and rush things - in time you will gradually start to accept your loss, and be able to think fondly of all the wonderful moments you shared with your mother. Kind regards, Jackie

Hi Christ, I’m so sorry for the loss of your mum . I lost my mum 16th may this year ( I still can’t believe I’m typing that) and like you now things are starting to hit me more and I find I’m getting even more lost and upset so I know how you feel. I lived and cared for my mum intensively and the last 2mths were extremely difficult and upsetting seeing her so desperately ill it broke my heart and my heart I know will be forever broken. We were so very close peas in a pod I wish it was me that could of be taken I would of took her pain and suffering in a secound and living with this constant pain is gutting I just keep crying and feel so exhausted. You say your mum was 86 and yes it is a good age ( mine was only 60 ) but it’s still your mum and if she was taken at 120 it would still feel the same as its your mum.
I’m sorry I’ve not gave any great advice or anything but I just wanted to let you know you are not alone in your feelings.
If you ever wana chat that’s fine I have found using this site helpful when you can feel so lost and alone.
With love . Tray

Hi Jackie,
Thanks for your reply…yes it’s very strange not having her here,I’m not to bad at the moment, I miss her tho, I brought her ashes home this week and the next day was a really bad day, I couldn’t stop crying,but since then I have felt quite calm,she’s on my mind all the time,I feel as tho she is guiding me,sometimes I feel guilty to feel happy,I was the same when my brother died!

I lost my dad when I was 14,my nan when I was 18,my brother 8yrs ago, my sister in law 5yrs ago,and my niece 2yrs ago.

Hi Tray,
Sorry to hear you lost your mum at such a young age.
My mum was in a lot of pain for some years with osteoporosis in her spine,I’m glad she’s not suffering anymore but I do miss her,she’ll always have a special place in my heart.
I’m not to bad at the moment,I feel she is guiding me,I feel quite calm.
Don’t forget your mum will always be with you.
Take care