Lost my mum

I have mental health its got worse since mum died 11th march 2018 mothers day i took mum into hospital on the 9th march cause she was very poorly i got phone call 11th march early morning can i go in asap cause mum got worse i got there they stopped all her trratment doctor took me into a room and told me she was end of life big shock and unexpected she died 8.10 that evening all i could do was hold her hand and watch her die in front of me and now am we orried about how to pay for her funeral she had no life insurance DWP have paid 895 but still need to find 2 grand i am on pip and universal credit dont no what to do

Hi Lynnid,

I’m so sorry that you lost your Mum in March. Losing a loved one is so difficult especially when it is so quick and unexpected, it must have been a great shock for you. It was a blessing for your Mum that you were with her & holding her hand at the end.

It must be worrying for you to be left with the cost of the funeral. Could you speak to the funeral company about an affordable payment plan? Perhaps you could go & speak to the Citizens Advice Bureau, I know that they can often help in these situations.

Please keep talking to us & take care of yourself. Trudy