Lost my my mum and all my faith

It’s funny how you no longer salute the magpies , or stop crossing Over three drains or walking under ladders. You loose all that faith and belief that something from above has some way of impacting your life. All that stupid superstition that means nothing. When there gone there gone and no ladder or black cat is going to make it any worse . I guess it’s sad you loose that bit of faith but you do. Mum always told me there was another place but I can safely say for me that’s not true. She’s gone and all the crying and begging hasn’t brought one sign she’s still here . Now my dads very poorly and no praying will help him just qualified doctors and his own strength. For me thats all there is , realism no life after death no spirit that watches over you just life and when it’s gone it’s gone.

Hi Soph.
Sorry to hear your sad news. It’s so hard to know what to think about afterlife. Just when I was losing any faith one of my friends said that we are all energy and that my Dad was now part of the whole energy of life, that really made me feel better and I hope it gives you comfort to think of us all being one with nature after our time here has passed.
Lots of strength and love.

Thank you JP I will certainly try and look at it that way, maybe it will get easier with time. Thank you for reaching out it so hard to explain to people how you feel . Currently feel like there’s billions of people on this planet and I’m the only one in it !

Thank you for your message x

Hi Sophh. so sorry for your love. I lost my mum many years ago when i was about sixteen. It was the most awful lots, but what comforter me then, and still does, is knowing she is at peace with Jesus in Praise. On the Cross, He said to the believing thief hanging next to him, today SHALL you be with me in paradise. My mum was a believe in Jesus, as am i, so that is hers, and will be my destination, when the time comes. Then the Lord will return one day, and those who are dead, who believed, will rise from their graves, and we who are alive and believing, will be caught up together and meet Himn the air, and then we will all live together forever in Heaven with Jesus. That can be your position too if you will believe and accept Christ as your Saviour.

You can check it all out in the bible.

Lots of love

Isabel x

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Hi Soph, I absolutely get how you are feeling. I am not a religious person, but I’ve always gone to a spiritualist church and had my own faith. When my mum was diagnosed with cancer and died 2 weeks later, I lost all of my faith. I felt just like you. I’ve been numb and deeply grieving for the past 3 months. My mind hasn’t been clear thinking, ive not been able to function. It’s only been this week that I’ve felt calmer and i do feel my mum around me. Please don’t think I’m trying to convince you to believe something you have no faith in. I think I’m just trying to say I understand what you’re feeling and if you did have faith before, you might find it returns later. There’s simply no justifying watching your loved one suffer and pass away. It’s heartbreaking. It’s hard to accept that this is part of life. Use this site to put down your feelings, there’s always someone hearing you and feeling your pain, from clarex

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Thank you Clare , it’s nice to know I’m not alone and someone out there understands. I will be waiting , it will be so much easier if I felt she was still here. I’m so sorry for your loss. Someone tonight told me it’s part of life and it is but it doesn’t make it any easier does it. I hope your mum continues to visit you and let you know she’s there for you. Lots of love and strength x

When people say that it really isn’t helpful is it. I’ve heard similar things like it’s part of life and she had a good life and you wouldn’t want her to go on like that. None of these comments help when you are so desperately missing someone. You just don’t want any of it to happen. Your head knows that your parents can’t live forever, but my heart says I wasn’t ready for this. I thought my mum would be here til she was 100! Totally unrealistic! You just can’t imagine life without your parents and when they’ve gone it leaves a huge gap that can’t be filled by anyone. I’m here, as are others, if you want to share your anger, despair or even an okay moment. It must be so hard with your dad still being poorly, you must be exhausted by it all x