Lost my only beautiful Daughter to suicide

I lost my only most precious daughter Taryn Charlotte to suicide on Jan 19th 2017 she hung herself outside the hospital after being told sorry no beds to help you. It’s destroyed me and my family forever I am now under the mental health not able to cope, not only did I loose my beautiful child my whole life and myself went with her it’s the most agonising lonely journey demented pain imaginable. I’m new here today if anyone wishes to chat please say Hi I want to send my deepest sympathy to all those who have suffered loss. X

Hi Kealey, I am so sorry for the loss of your lovely Taryn it must be the worse ever to loose a daughter in this way its bad enough loosing our beautiful children to illness as we lost our lovely DAWN to illness December 2016 and could not do anything to stop it , so I do understand how you are feeling you just feel your heart has gone with them,all you can do is take one day at a time and keep yourself busy its the only way to take your mind off the pain wish I could be of moor help, but some days I wish I wasn’t here . take care Maddie x

Hi Kealey. You and your family must be completely shattered. I am so very sorry you have lost your beautiful Taryn. There are probably no words any of us can write to take away your heartache but we are all here to listen and we all know the terrible pain of losing someone you love so much - so keep posting when you feel you can.
You are in my thoughts. Ann x

Hi Kealey, i just want you to know that I’m sitting here reading your story and i can feel your pain. I haven’t lost a child so i just can only imagine how heartbreaking life must be for you. I’m struggling having just lost my mum, but we shouldn’t lose our children. I can only say that in the area where i live there is a support group just for parents who have lost their children. I don’t know if there’s something similar in your area. All the people on this site are here to listen, if you feel you can write again. As with Ann, you are in my thoughts x

I lost my son to suicide yesterday. He was being bullied and I feel so helpless and guilty. He was 15 years old. At the moment I can not comprehend anything. I can’t breath. I want him back so much