Lost my only child. He was only 2!

Im new to this so i dont know where to start.

Our 2 year old son was diagnosed with a brain tumour on January 15th 2024 (we later found out from the biopsy that it was Group 3 Medullablastoma with MYC amplification with widespread). Everything happened so fast. It was so aggressive. He could no longer sit up on his own, stand or bear any weight on his legs and he could no longer walk. Our baby was just a shell of himself.
He had to have a drain fitted to relief the pressure on his brain. He had an MRI which revealed it had already spread to other parts of his brain and down his spine. He was too young for radiotherapy and the possibility of Chemotherapy was too futile. He was too poorly and weak.
The biopsy however, went smoothly. Leo had no bleeds on the brain during this surgery. However, despite being on steroids to help with the inflamation, the tumour had grown again and was pushing his brain onto his spinal cord. He passed away on the 21st January 2024. It was expected of him to pass within a few hours of him declining. But Leo fought on and gave us 58 more hours with him.

But 6 days.
6 days from finding out our sweet boy had a brain tumour, being transferred to a different hospital, seeing him hooked up to pain meds. 6days from finding out and he died.
His tumour was 3 months old.

We just had Christmas, leo has brand new toys here he never got to play with. Brand new clothes still folded, fresh from being unwrapped that he has never got to wear.
Instead now all we have is our boys urn and crippling silence from his room.

I physically hurt. I just want to hold him. I ache. I just want to smell him. Hear him. But i cant and never will again
I cant bare this anymore :pensive:
Leo was our only child. We agreed we would only have him because of spinal issues with myself. He was just perfect. Such a contented baby. So full of love and was so caring to everyone. He would gladly sit on your knee for cuddles. I miss his laughter, his stories that made no sense. I miss him chasing his best friend, our cat, Fifi. They were best buddies.
I miss him saying I love you and giving me kisses. I miss his smile which would light up any room.

He was 2!! Had his whole life ahead of him. He was supposed to start nursery this year.
I’ve battled depression (still do with BPD), hell ive survived a suicide attempt when i was very young. I havent come this far to finally get the one thing i have always wanted in life, to become a mother. Just for it all to be ripped away from me.
How much more do i have to go through.

Oh baby boy i just wish we could have traded places. I would in a heartbeat.

We will never give up, we will fight.

The only thing keeping me going is knowing that in Leo’s honour we aim to set up a charity to help fund research. Our biggest goal is to spread more awareness.

More needs to be done.

We promised our baby during his lasts moments and we will never stop until our last breath.
Leo i love you so so much.


My heart breaks for you, I am so very sorry. I have no words, sending much strength x

Leo’s legacy
My heart breaks for your loss .2yrs old the worst possible thing to happen the loss of one’s child.
Grief is physical isn’t it , you ache for him .
It’s a testament of your love you have for him .
You have found a channel for that love with your awareness raising that you have planned. That’s incredible , your love for him brings courage and strength to do this .
How amazing you are . I do hope it helps others and Leo’s legacy lives on .

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I just want to say how sorry I am and send you love :heart: XXX

@LeosLegacy, it’s heartbreaking what you’ve had to go through. I’m so sorry you lost your little boy.

It is good that you are managing to focus on the charity and supporting research to help others, in memory of Leo.

Take care

What a living nightmare, im so, so sorry for the loss of your baby boy :disappointed: there really are no words of comfort. Life is cruel. Take care of yourselves xx

Sending you so much love. I’m so, so sorry xx

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I am so sorry about your baby boy. My daughter was older but we lost her on 26/1/24. Her birthday was 10th of Jan. I know the pain of new presents, never to be enjoyed. The pain is the worst I have ever experienced. She was put in a coma for about 3 weeks.
You sound however like a strong mother, although you may not feel it. You sound like you’ve been a fighter most your life!! He will be proud of you, as you are him. Sending love x


My daughter was 16 and had a rare form of leukaemia. She had to fight many obstacles. She dies in November. I am absolutely heartbroken and literally cry every day. Her younger sister cries as she is missing her.

If only telling you how sorry and heartbroken it is to read about your loss could change things I would send you a million such replies to your post :broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart: Sending you so much love :heart::heart::heart:

Hi im helen i am so so sad but you have beautiful memories just hold them in your heart and remember the beautiful gift off life i know ypur hearts r so broken