Lost my partner

My partner of 8 years died of a sudden heart attack in front of me at home on Sunday aged 60. They tried so hard to save him but he was pronounced dead in hospital after they tried to bring him back. Its a terrible shock as there was no warning of it at all. I can’t believe I’m going through this, we were planning our future that very day.

Hi Margaret I’m so so sorry for your loss, it’s so heartbreaking you have joined an amazing site everyone on here has lost a loved one and I for you never thought in a million years I would be on this site. Here you can say what your feeling your not judged I have had amazing support for the lovely ladies and gentlemen on here. I’m so grateful as everyone is going through so much pain and heartache yet they all find time to ask how you are. Please remember your not on your own not with this site there’s always somebody to chat to. So so sorry sending you a virtual hug xxxx


Hi. Margret and welcome to a place no one wants to be, but thank God for it. The pain, the awful pain of loss is something we all know about. Don’t we just! Some folk on here are like you, newly bereaved. Some old timers like me have been on here a while. Does the pain lessen? It does, but it’s far too early for you to think about relief. Some little relief can come by reading the posts on here and letting emotions come. Crying and going though the process of grief can help emotions. I found the idea of it being a process uncomfortable at first, but now I realise it is. If you can, amidst the pain, accept how you feel it may help. We so often fight and struggle with emotions. A big mistake.
Take care of yourself. Be kind to yourself as well as others. Sad times made worse by our circumstances. Sending you Blessings and kind thoughts and prayers. John.


Thank you so much x

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Alex I am sorry for you not being able to say goodbye to your partner that is heartbreaking x

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