Lost my partner

6 months now. It still feels as new now as when it happened. Cry everyday. Is this OK? I also seem to be withdrawing from life. I can’t face family because I feel so sad and I know that’s not what they want. But theres no joy in my life. I can’t pretend. I wake up in the morning and wished I hadn’t. I was diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago and seem to have beaten it. I wished I hadn’t that would be my escape from this life. I don’t want to feel this way I want to be able to look forward and embrace what I have but I can’t. How ???


Hi Sue

I know it’s so hard and so painful. I’ll tell you what I did when my husband dropped dead of a brain aneurysm if that helps. If you can’t face family try and get outside and go for a walk. Go into town and window shop to be around people but not having to talk to them. I used to take long walks in the countryside, saying the odd good morning to other walkers was all I could be bothered with but it helped keep me connected with the world. I used to go to the garden centre cafe, order something nice to eat and just read the paper. I enjoyed the buzz of people around me without having to talk to them. You ask is it okay to cry every day, of course! There’s no time limit on grief. I’m sorry your family don’t understand, mine didn’t either. xxx