lost my partner

Lost my partner 3 weeks ago feel so totally alone we were together 12 years

So Sorry for your loss, it is very very raw for you at present. 9 months ago today, my husband left our house in an ambulance to be admitted to hospital, he passed away on 19th May last year, just 38 hours after i was told the doctor’s found A malignancy. We had our golden anniversary 6 weeks before he passed. Some days are really bad, others not so, over the months the not so bad days will outweigh the really bad days. And vice versa. Everyone here is going through exactly what you and I are, we’re all at different stages of grief, the grief, whilst being the same, is personal to each of us. You will find lots of support and comfort talking to the many people on here, and there are thousands of postings that may help you through this toughest journey you’ll ever take. It will ease, not all the time but it will.

I truly hope you find comfort in talking to the many on here and know that you’re not on your own.

Blessings and very brave of you to post so soon after your loss. Take care ☆