Lost my precious mum

I lost my mum on 18th December this year, two days after her 94th birthday. I dont know how I’m going to get through life, ( putting aside how our first Christmas is going to be) without her. I lost my dad in the year 2000 and I thought that was bad enough, but I had my mum to get me through it and now I’ve lost her. I’m broken into little bits and pieces. I felt very very bad the day before yesterday when everybody was buying last minute gifts and I was choosing my mother’s Coffin. Please, has anybody lost somebody close to Christmas, or recently that can help me through this deep relentless pain?

Hi Lesley56,

I am so sorry for the loss of your Mum and so close to Christmas. What a horrible twist of fate to be organising your Mum’s last resting place at this time of year.

I felt so for you when reading how your Mum got you through the loss of your Dad and how hard it is now. My Mum kept me going after losing Dad and I never realised how much she did for me when she must have felt so sad inside herself. After losing Mum I felt the same as you, the unrelenting pain and sadness, not wanting to get out of bed (I didn’t some days). This was over two years ago now but some days it still can feel very raw. Others I feel a numbness but muddle through somehow.

I am sorry I don’t have any practical advice to give you but wanted you to know someone out there had read your message and was thinking of you.

Take care

Thank you Mel. Just knowing somebody is there has a huge impact on my sorrow. I’m sorry you are going through the same. God bless xx