Lost my sister to cancer and I've got it as well.

Hi. I lost my sister to Cancer in April, she had had it on and off since 2016. I also have terminal Cancer. I’ve had it for almost 15 years. With us both going through such an awful / life changing thing together it made us the closest we could possibly have been. We both knew what the other was feeling; physically and mentally. Not many siblings were in our situation so it made our relationship and closeness very unique. I now feel absolutely beyond lost without her. I’m struggling so badly. I’m trying to get help. We both had the same oncologist, so she has referred me to see a Psychologist. She saw how much I’m struggling when I had my appointment last week. I’m doing what I can to get help. I know the is no form of instant help, that it’s a process and that I will never get over it, just learn to deal with it a little better. I’m just reaching out right now to try and talk to other’s in a similar situation. Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

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Dear Kayleigh
My heart goes out to you what a heartbreaking situation to be in. My heart goes out to you. I have lost many lovely relatives to cancer so I understand what a devastating disease it can be. I wish there was more I could do or say to help you., The only thing is have you contacted your local hospice, my mum went there as an outpatient for awhile. They support patients and their families and have an amazing outreach program. The one my mum went to had a different group of people either who were in remission or recovering or receiving treatment at home and they gave them lunch, gave them time to chat and held different advice sessions. As well as rekki and other treatments. She found it so beneifical to be with others who were in the same boat as herself. They also helped treat her lymphodema a bit and gave her tips on how to manage it better.
I don’t know where you live but there are some “Maggies” beside some of the hospitals which also provide a lot of support for someone in your situation. Also some areas have a cancer support group again for both people with cancer and their relatives. I am afraid I don’t know what is in your area.
I don’t know if you already have this information and I know that it wont cure your cancer but if you choose tumeric and black pepper and some other herbs can help boost your immune system at this time. Milk Thistle and dandelion tea are cleansing which is also good for a weakend system. If you have a homepathic hospital near you (there are only a few in the country) some of them do mistletoe therapy which can also boost your immune system and has been shown to be particularly effective against the side effects of chemo. Caffeine can destroy your platelets and make your body less receptive to chemo treatment and also weaken your immune system. Pineapple juice is extremely good for mouth ulcers. Ginger biscuits can help with nausea. Farleys rusks are also good. This info may or may not help you any. I just know some of this from research when both my mum and dad were ill and some of the things that helped them a little. I am seriously trying to remember what my dad took when he was ill because the doctor at the beatson asked him what he was taking because his tumors where shrinking and they shouldn’t have been. I know he made a scrambled egg (from his own hens) and put lots of stuff in it dandelions from the garden tumeric and black pepper and chickweed from their pond. and other stuff I either dont remember or never knew. i also bought him some burdock root. He also changed to drinking milk thistle tea because tea has caffeine in it and the doctor was the one who told him about the caffeine and platelets. My dad was a wise man who knew a lot about the countryside remides and stuff. Now I am not proposing or advocating that any of this may cure you and you should always check with your doctor before taking any herbal stuff as it may interact with any medication you are taking. All I am saying is that some of this stuff helped allevate some of the symptoms and side effect for my mum and dad and it may help you a little too. So take it or leave it as necessary. I just wish I could remember more actually valid stuff, I did a lot of research including reading harvard medical reports when dad was ill looking for something to help him. And the truth is there is a lot of good helpful stuff out there but there is also a lot of rubbish and it is hard when you are vunerable and ill to wade through it. One thing that might help you though is to use a home shopping service if you don’t already. Most of the supermarkets do them and i think it would help you. And save you having to go into the shops right now.
I know you have lost your sister but I really hope that you have some other people in your life to give you the much needed support you need right now whether it is friends or family.
Know that I am thinking of you and sending you a massive virtual hug.
Best wishes

Hi again
I am so sorry about the lack of paragraphs. I am having to write in word and for some reason they aren’t translating over all the time when I paste what I have written. So sorry for any confusion.
Take care of yourself