Lost my Sister

On the 4th of March I had a phone call fr my sisters friend to say that she had no contact with my sister so I went up to her house only to find that I could not get in after knocking and hammering on the door I had to call the police to help me get into her house only to find that she had died it broke my heart as losing my sister was devastating I did not know what to do or where to go I had to call my nephew and tell him and he was in bits then he had to tell his kids that their gran had died they also cried their eyes out. Now I am the last of the elder generation left and have been told that I have to look after myself as they won’t want me to go any where. My sister was also my best friend and very good person I miss her so much. My heart goes out to any one who losses a family member as it is very hard to get over and so they keep saying it will get better in time but sadness is so much that it hurts


my sister passed away on the fourth of march too. your sister loves you so much and probably misses you just as much as you miss her. in my family, because my sister passed on that day too, we say she would want us to ‘march forth’. you are loved and not alone.

Hello to you both, it’s always sad when we loss our sisters and as we get older life becomes more precious. I am sending big hugs and blessings to you both. Yes take care and look after yourselves.
S xx

Hi all,
I lost my little sister two weeks ago. She watched only 41. The pain is unbearable. How can she just not be here anymore. I miss her so much it hurts :broken_heart:

Hi yes I know what you mean but 41 is no age she had years ahead of her my sister was 75 would have been 76 on saturday and I keep asking why she as left me alone again wish I could say it stopped hurting but you learn to cope with the hurt xxx

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Hi I really feel your pain, I lost my sister on 30th July 21, she was only 38. Myself and Mam nursed her for 2 year constantly leading up to her death as she had severe learning disabilities and complex needs. We were at her bed side day and night until she took her final breath. Although we knew she was going to pass away as she was put onto end of life care in the hospice we tried so hard to prepare ourselves buy we could never have prepared for our lives without her. We both feel completely lost as we were used to life at 100 miles an hour caring for her and now nothing. If anyone can guide me on how to cope I’d be so grateful as I’m completely lost in life right now.

Well Catherine all I can say is that you and your mum remember the good times and just take one day at a time . She will always be with you but if you keep her in your hearts she will always be there . I am seeing a bereavement councilor as I can’t cope . Yes it is like a part of you is no longer there my sister and I used to phone every morning and that is what I miss having a morning chat and a laugh . What I did as it was her birthday on the 16th of April was got a card and a bunch of her fav flowers . Things will get a bit easier and you will be able to say her name without crying

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Hi Sue, thank you so much for responding to me. We had her birthday in November which was her 1st one without her, we did a balloon release for her as she loved balloons. What I find most difficult is when I look at her photos I’m starting to forget what she smelt like and what her kisses felt like as with her having LD she loved kisses and hugs. I have had her ashes tattoo into me and now have a necklace and locket with her photo, hair and ashes in which I get some comfort from but I’d still rather her be here with us x

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Hi Sue51, I just saw your post, and I am so sorry for your tragic loss. There is no age limit to grief. I also lost my younger sister suddenly, and we always said that we would grow old together, but we never got the chance. Like your sister, she was my best friend and confidant. Tomorrow will be her birthday, but she will not be here with me to celebrate together. I hope you have been finding a way to cope, and that you and your family are able to provide comfort to each other. I am much farther along than you, but for me it will never get better the longer she is not in my life. Take care. xxx Another Sad Sister

To everyone here, my heart goes out to you. We all have something in common that only we as sibling survivors can understand, When we lose a sibling, we lose a part of ourselves. We do have a Sibling Loss section on this forum, where you will find many more grievers who can relate to our type of pain and loss. I hope it helps to know you are not alone, :broken_heart: Xxx

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