Lost my son 10 days ago age 27

Our darling Sammo would have been 29 this Saturday we are going to support his pals while they climb 3 mountains in his memory. The trek ends at Snowdon and they will scatter some of his ashes on top of the highest mountain in Wales I have yet to open his ashes and have to do it tonight I’m in a turmoil about this and do not know what to put the ones into that they are taking with them it needs to be light due to the climb and they will have already have scaled Ben Nevis and scarfel pike in 24hrs raising money for Mind and the Wales air ambulance service that tried so hard to keep Sam alive any suggestions would be welcome if you lovely parents have also had dilemmas regarding ashes.
Many thanks Sal

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My heart goes out to you. I really don’t know what to say. I feel the pain. I’m sorry to say it does not get easier. Take this time to grieve and remember.
I hope you have support.
Thoughts and prayers with you.

Thank you Stephen

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My heart goes out to you, your family and all those on the climbs…such a sad time but how wonderful that some of your son’s ashes are to be scattered on top of Snowdon. If you have time please Google a poem by Kahlil Gibran called " for what is it to die…" because I think it will have real meaning for you and might help. (As regards containers perhaps plastic food ones would suffice…it is the contents and their destination that is important). Take care and God bless you ×

Thank you for your kind words I will look it up x

How wonderful to have some of his ashes scattered on the highest mountain! Beautiful. I agree with the lady suggesting a food container. Your son’s ashes will be safe untill they are scattered. My son passed in May this year age 39. It was his heart. He was a beautiful soul. My daughter bought him an oak box which i then decorated. Snowdonia is obviously a place your son loved. What a beautiful idea!!! xx

Thank you it was very special and emotional time so sorry to hear about your son and what a lovely way to describe him as a beautiful soul❤️ xx