Lost my son 6 most ago

Losing a child is the worse thing in my life, heartbroken isn’t the word, sometimes I just don’t want to go on can’t look at photos, and memories make me even worse

Helen, I can’t put into words how sad your post makes me. The loss of a child is always our greatest fear from the day they are born, it is not the natural way of things. I can only relate by having been with my sister when she lost her only beloved child. The pain was so hard for her to bear and the loss of my niece and seeing the pain my sister went through was almost too much for me, but even then I knew it was nothing compared to her loss. Others on here will have experienced your loss and may be able to share their experience with you. I am so very, very sorry. XX

My heart aches for you, losing a child no matter what age is heart breaking and it’s hard to imagine the pain you are going through. There is nothing I would like more than to come a give you a big hug and try to comfort you, the pain is raw in your post. I know there are others on here who have gone through losing a child and I do hope they see your post and reach out to you. Time does heal to an extent that we can live with the pain but to say it goes away, well I would be lieing. Take each day, one at a time, baby steps, that’s all we can do. Please look after yourself because grieving takes it tool on how health and with this virus, we need to be very watchful. My thoughts are prayers go out to you. S