Lost my son to suicide

I’m Petra and my son committed suicide

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Hi Petra, my heart goes out to you, I lost my daughter to suicide 6 years ago. You’ll find lots of support on here, caring people who totally get it, however you’re feeling, because sadly we’ve been there too. Tell us more when you’re ready but know that we’ll be wrapping you round in a big hug, and here’s one from me. Kathy x

Thank you Kathy , it’s horrible it comes in waves. I thought I’m tough enough to manage it but than I’m having one break down after the other. Thank you for your hug.

After 6 months I thought I was doing well, then the shock wore off and I started to have panic attacks, couldn’t eat, and I was exhausted but still couldn’t sleep. I don’t know how I got through it but I did, taking an hour at a time some days. I seemed to live between cups of coffee and the days dragged. You’ll find your own way but it takes time so be patient with yourself. There’s a thread on here you might be interested in, Loss of our son aged 27. It looks a bit daunting at first because it’s been going so long so lots of people on it (I’m more a one to one sort of a person), but it’s full of lovely, lovely people who will totally get what you’re going through and will chat. Meantime here’s another hug from me, and I hope you sleep OK tonight Kathy xx

Hi pteze63 - I’m sending you a hug too. In the worst times I just tell myself to keep on keeping on. That’s all I can do sometimes. It’s good enough for now. It’s shock and trauma. A deluge of heart wrenching pain. It won’t always be as bad as it is at first tho. I didn’t believe I could ever have a moments respite from the pain but slowly, slowly it does begin to stop being so totally all encompassing and there are better moments. Sending you love and hugs xxxx

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Hi pteze … Sending hugs , not knowin why is the worse for me , everyday for past seven months I’ve not been able to let myself feel to much at once as I start have panic attacks , but I get through them , I get through each day and the greif and sadness will never go away you just start to grow round it . But at times the pain will well up inside but that ok you allowed to feel .

I’ve just lost my son to suicide, I’m struggling of how I should be feeling, and it still not feeling real, I can’t see any light just darkness ahead. I’m strong for my other sons and only breakdown when on my own

Much love and my deepest sympathies to you all xx