Lost my son

Hello. I lost my son in February and feel as if I’m stuck. Beth.

I’m so sorry for your loss of your beautiful son. It’s still very raw for you my dear. I lost my son in May 2019 and it’s been a tough road. Thought i lost myself and thought I’d never return to being me again but eventually i did. What was he like? Just know you are not alone even if you feel it. Lily.

Hello lily.
My son was 44 yrs old. He was a sweet kind lad who was hurt over and over again by life…he had been in hospital for almost 5 years, they discharged him to cope on his own. Promising 15 hours a week support, ( never materialised).
After one year of trying to cope, losing two stone and phoning the hospital twice to go back. He was found dead. Due to NHS and “ Carers” neglect.