Lost my son

My son passed away in August aged 53. I am struggling to deal with this. Was with him at the end when his life support was stopped. It was awful. His organs were donated which made some sense of it all.


So sorry Marcia
Sending lots of love xx

So sorry Marcia to hear about the loss of your son.I understand the struggle you are going through.I too lost my son my only child in March this year .He was 51 and as a widow too the grief is overwhelming.
So good to hear though your son organs were donated that hopefully means that somebody out there is not going through what we are.Sending you hugs and best wishes Marg x

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Thank you, sorry for your loss too.

I lost my son in April this year. I feel like a huge hole has been ripped into me. He was 6 days short of his 30th Birthday. He died on Easter Monday. I miss him so much, I can’t bear it. The house is empty and cold without him.

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Oh Janice my heart goes out to you.Its so hard to explain the feelings we are going through.My house so quiet too and empty.I really can’t offer you any words of advice I wish I could.I just carry on each day with this unbearable loss.I am sending you my love from one mother to another xxxxx


Thank you :heart:

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