Lost my son

Lost my son in april this year finding it very hard dont want put it on family the way i feel

Hi. Im the same, they’ve been through enough. My beautiful son left me August last year. He was my only child. Whats the point without him? He is/was my world. I hope you’re ok x

It hard i got 3 more children he was my first born miss him so much

Hi to you all totally understand your feelings unbearable losing a child.I lost my son my only child Mar 2022.He too was my world I miss every little thing about him especially his love which since his dad had also past meant so much.My heart is broken .Love to you all xxx

Hi i lost my 20 year old son last march on my birthday. Its horrendous im just existing. Ive twin lads aged 29 still who live with me they have autism. I understand. Lifes just not the same xx

Mine was 36 passed way this april xx

I lost my son a year ago this july. I relive the fateful day over and over, he took his life, the torment he lived with was to much and i saved him so many times but failed this time. I hate myself for failing him. We are supp to put a plaster on them when they hurt but no amounts of plasters could save him this time. I live with guilt every day and just want to be with him. I suppose im here to help with his kids but i find no joy even with them. Im just so sad all the time. Thank you


Oh Linda my heart goes out to you it really does.As parents we all feel guilty over the loss of our children.We are supposed to go first.My son had addictions though he passed comfortably in hospital with COPD and Non Hodge Lymphoma.I feel guilty for ringing 999 that day because he insisted he would be ok.He was so poorly.He never came out.Unbearable without my boy.But Linda when I think about everything that went on over the years with his problems myself and his late dad really did our best for him.I dont know what more we could have done and I have no doubt you did the same Linda.Its just so hard going over it all and missing our loving boys every minute of every day…I’ve said it before THE STRONGEST PERSON IN THE WORLD IS A GRIEVING MOTHER THAT WAKES UP EVERY DAY AND KEEPS IN GOING.
.Its so very hard though.My love and hugs to you Marg xx

Thank you people call me strong, i just feel broken. I feel guilty for breathing and he cant. Feel guilty if i play music or hum a tune. I used to be fun Nanny. Now, im just not.

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Im exactly the same as you. My only child Harry left August last year. Im not sure I can/want to survive without him by my side as he always was/is. Its truly unbearable. My grief is overwhelming. He was/is my best friend, my reason for living. Harry lived with me and didnt want to move out. That was great for me as id raised Harry alone since he was 7. Its too hard without my boy xxx