Lost my twin sister

Hi, im new here. I was very close to my twin, not a day went by and i didnt not see her. Her little boy was very close to me also . She passed away infront of me (it was not expected) . She passed away 4 months ago. There is not a day i dont cry. My life has a huge hole in it. Any help/ advice would be much appreciated x


I am so sorry that you have lost your twin sister. I lost my sister 2 months ago so I know exactly how you feel. Life seems so empty and nothing brings you joy. All I can say to you is take one day at a time and hold on to the happy memories you have of your sister. I am finding comfort talking to people on here who truly understand your pain, I hope you do too x


Thankyou x

Anytime you want to chat please get in touch. I really do know how you are feeling and sometimes its easier to express yourself to a stranger than family x

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Really sorry that you lost your twin sister. I too lost my young brother 2 months ago. I can relate with how difficult it is to come to terms with the loss. All I can say is that you are stronger and braver than you realise. Even sharing your loss here is very brave and it means you have what it takes to talk about it. You will find peace each day however small. Your twin will always be in your heart and mind. You can’t see her but she’s alive to you. All the best.

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Hi , I lost my twin sister in 2020

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Im very sorry to hear that. Hope you are doing as good as you can be ? Its just so hard .

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Hi there , I hope you coping ok , I know it’s hard I’ve been there for the past 2 and half year , so my twin is Claire she’s 10mins younger we’re nothing alike she’s the girly one I’m the Tom boy , Claire had breast cancer stage 4 had treatment responded to it all ,rang the bell , then found out she had leukaemia from finding out it was just 8 weeks when we got called to the hospital , I just carried on for the first year kept my emotions to my self ,then had a breakdown was rock bottom didn’t know how to cope .

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Omg im so sorry . Yeah my sister was about 15 mins older then me.she only passed 5 months ago. She wasnt feeling very well, then one day she just got so confused. Then 10 mins later her heart stopped infront of me. She went in to septic shock, she was only 32 and left her 7 year old. Ive been holding all these emotions in as im 'the strong one ’ but its very hard. I am dreading my first birthday without her. Mothers day yday was awful as shes as mum .

Hi thanks for replying , it’s nice to talk to someone in the Same position , Claire was the stronger one and the out going one , we will be celebrating our 50th birthday in April , I didn’t think I would be doing this alone but I have to get on with it ,

Hi, sorry for your loss. I lost my twin sister 7 weeks ago and im really struggling. We are 37 and she has a 4 year old daughter. She was 2 minutes older than me. People tell me that things get easier with time but i spoke to her every day and feel a huge void. Does anyone have any advice for managing birthdays as im dreading it. Thank you

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Hi, im so sorry to hear that. I hope you are doing ok. Ive had 1 birthday since my twin sis passed and truthfully it was very sad. I got a helium balloon for her and wrote a little message on it and sent it to the sky for her x