Lost my uncle - sudden death -advice please

I lost my uncle just over a week ago. It was a shock as it was sudden. He was an uncle, a dear friend, a second dad. I’ve taken it pretty badly and now I feel hostile towards my wife, feeling like she doesn’t understand or support me. The first day or two she did, but now I feel like I am an annoyance talking with her about it. I tried to open up but now feel like a broken record. Anyone else think this way, that others just don’t understand? Am I being selfish? The funeral hasn’t even taken place yet and I feel like it’s already yesterday’s news. Never felt so alone in my life. I’m not asking for pity, I just feel very conflicted becuase I love my wife and I don’t want to make this an issue between us. Maybe I’m being irrational, blinded by my own grief.
My wishes go out to this community. (first time I’ve ever reached out)

Hi Andy

No your not being selfish.

I lost my partner/Soulmate so suddenly on 7th May. I am devastated he was my world.

I have my daughters to talk too. You do feel like your constantly going on and on and driving them mad. But they totally understand how I’m feeling and just supported me by listening.

Losing some one so close is truly heartbreaking. And grief is a very strong emotion that we can’t control.

I’ve actually found, some comfort since joining this site. and reading what other people are going through, after losing a loved one.

Take care

Thank you, Geri. Today is three weeks since he passed. My grief is raw. The funeral is still weeks off, which leaves me in limbo. I know my wounds will heal and my memories will be sweet one day. I’m currently putting together a book of my stories about our life as Uncle and Nephew. He was like a second dad to me. Just have to keep walking on I guess (well, I know… it is what he would want) x

I hope you’re feeling better Andy. I have just lost my brother and my daughter is broken by his death as she loved her uncle so much. Do you get the impression some people might think, he’s only an uncle? I do. In fact he often used to say to her when she said how much we worried and cared about him. I’m only the uncle! It’s a term that people don’t give enough importance to. I know exactly how you’re feeling and we’ve been feeling just the same. Hopefully time will heal for us and make us feel better. Our memory of him will never go away, he was unique, exceptional, funny, talented and kind. Thinking of you Andy x