Lost my uncle

I lost my uncle, who was my father’s younger brother,today. I was not that close to him previously, but due to lockdown we had to stay at their house. We spent 4 months and I grew very close to him and his family. Although we had contact with each other but it was not frequent. His son, which is my younger cousin, and I became more like friends than brother. After the sudden demise of his father he is in shock as much as I am. I cannot think properly. He was a good man and helped other villagers as well whenever they needed it. but due to covid crisis nobody visited his funeral. We are also out of state and we couldn’t go as well. I am feeling very depressed and useless. How can I face my brother next time when i am not there when he needed me. This is breaking my heart.


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Hi Adi. Welcome to SR. I am so very sorry about your loss and your present situation. You have all been hit very hard by the virus. You obviously became very close to your uncle and his family. Closeness like that can turn into love for each other, and that’s why the pain is so great. The depth of pain is the depth of love. You may be depressed but useless?, certainly not. You can give support to the family, which they so badly need. You can’t be everywhere at once Adi. I assume you mean you were not there when your uncle died. The mind becomes so sensitive and in turmoil when there is a loss. Give yourself time, support others, be kind to yourself and take it a day at a time, even an hour at a time. You are in the right place and among friends who understand.
Blessings. John.

Thank you jonathan