Lost my why, very lonely

Hi thanks for taking the time to drop in for a chat.

I feel I have lost everything when my childrens mum died.

My friend, my wife, my love, my soulmate.

I lost my friend’s as we moved away for a fresh start.
Now I am very alone. No friends or family around.

It’s so stupid I got into this situation.

I wish I could just go back and change thing’s.

Lonely nights and long hard days is a terrible thing. How do we get out of this.

I feel it’s all over for me and feel it’s just going to be so hard to pull myself out of this.

The only thing I have is my children and I am doing my best to stay here for them.

Lots of love.


Hello, all I can say at the moment is “hold on”, your in the middle of grief which is stomach churning & so awful but those feelings will ease in time so that you can function.

Try to focus on your children & to do what their mother would want you to do, your strength is your children.

Maybe in the future you could think about moving back to where your family are, which could give you and your children support.

In the meantime depending on your children’s ages is there anything going on locally that you could all go too? Swimmming? Bike rides? Zoo? Buy a Kite & head to the local park?

You will get through this, it just takes time for the shock to subside & your body and brain to come to terms with the loss.


Thanks for taking the time to chat.

Time passed away so quickly when things was good, new time is slow and painful.

But yes it will take time.

I will look to keep going keep my days and nights busy.

Lots of love


Yes it is indeed painful, I didn’t know anything could be that painful and I did wonder if I’d be able to survive it, but you have no choice especially if you’ve got children looking to you for guidance.

Sometimes it’s better not to look to the future too much and just think about the day your in & try to do something nice for yourself each day, be it a Costa coffee or a doughnut, that’s what our loved ones would want us to do.

When I felt really sad I’d give up & go back to bed, it felt safe & comforting.

The early days are the worst so try and remember that your not going to feel worse, Theo loy way is up and you will get there.


Thanks for your advice and yes I will go for a coffee.

Lots of love :heart: