Lost my Wife

Nice to hear from you, John, thanks for the update. The allotment sounds like it could be really good - I know a lot of people find gardening quite therapeutic. Your moods being all over the place is to be expected, I think, but glad you are getting some support.

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Thanks Priscilla :slight_smile:

I suppose, if you can use the expression, that I was fortunate in that I had plenty of time to say goodbye to my wife. We were married for 50 years, the last 7 of which she had Alzheimer’s and I was her full time carer. She was an incredible woman as she was so positive and cheerful, making my task easier. After a bad fall she spent the last 2 months of her life in a nursing home where I could sit next to her bed and say all of the things I wanted to say. After she died I realized that if I was to continue with my life I had to get out and meet people again. I joined a local community gardening group and became a volunteer at the local library, run by old people like me, many have also lost loved ones. It has been the savior for me. I have no children or relatives and caring for someone fulltime means you soon find out who your friends are. I also have the services of a local caring agency that runs a companionship scheme. Once a week a lovely lady comes round for a couple of hours, we go out somewhere for a coffee and a cake, but more importantly, we talk. and that is the main thing, to be able to express your feelings openly. Good luck to you x

That sounds nice you are doing so well by the sounds of it and good luck with it all. You were very fortunate indeed to have had plenty time with your wife before she passed over. Sincerest Condolences to you and the family and good luck in all you do. As for me the Allotment for tomorrow has fallen through due to other things but i hope to be able to join them another time.