Lost my wife

My wife passed away last Thursday 21st we weren’t allowed in our house for 5 days as it was an unexpected death I have 2 wee boys 10 and 5 and the oldest is not mine but he has been brung up that I am his natural father, his birth father is also dead. Basically I’m struggling to cope I have no family just the help of my wife’s friends. I have always found it hard to make friends and I don’t know how to accept help from these people as the way I see it they are nice people that is why they are offering help but previously they would have walked by without saying anything. Today is the first day I’ve had a bit of time to myself and my car key broke I went to put air in tyres after getting key sorted and machine out of order I just broke down, I’ve been crying In front of kids but trying not to do it to much as feel guilty about getting them upset. I just feel so useless at the moment

Dear Lescor, I am so sorry to hear about the sudden death of your wife, your life and the life of your sons have been turned upside down. Please accept any help offered, although the people offering are your wife’s friends and not yours they seem to me genuine offers and they are grieving for your wife too and offers of help are a way of giving support to you. This road we are all on is not one we chose, but posting here gives us support. Your sons understand why you are crying, you cannot be strong all the time, you have all lost not only a wife and mum but a way of life that cannot be the same. Take care of yourself. Jakkles

Hi I know how you feel and I’m so sorry for your lost…so many people on here going through pain like us …but we have the added heartache of our children …I lost my husband 7 months ago and have a 5 and 6 year old …let people help because trust me we really need it x